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Youthful Skin

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Youthful Skin truly is a hydrating moisturizer lotion that will give you supple, youthful skin that you will love!

Fine lines and crepiness can be a result of dry skin. Moisturized, plump skin cells are stronger and can repair themselves better. So, not only is hydrated skin good for the here and now it’s also good for healthy skin in the future. Our fast absorbing nutrient-rich lotion; Aloe Vera gel, cucumber extract, sweet almond oil, ginger root extract, just to name a few, is formulated for all skins types and helps to hydrate skin on a daily basis without irritation. Not only will you feel an immediate difference, when you use it for 2-weeks, you’ll maximize benefits for super soft skin.


  • Moisturizes
  • Softens dry patches
  • Protects skin health
  • Hydrates to diminish fine lines