VESPA CV-25 12 pack

VESPA CV-25 12 pack
VESPA CV-25 12 pack

VESPA CV-25 12 pack

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Only VESPA’s naturally-occurring “wasp extract” peptide provides a safe & effective way to tap into the virtually limitless power of “fat as fuel” for natural human high-performance.

VESPA's Flagship product, VESPA CV-25, is recommended for athletes weighing over 140 pounds / 65 kilograms, however, many athletes weighing less find they prefer CV-25 due to its 100 mg dose of the Wasp Extract Peptide. VESPA CV-25 is formulated as a "ready-to-go" 2.7 fluid ounce / 80 ml. drink taken 30-45 minutes prior to commencing physical activity and every 2-3 hours for activities of greater than 2-3 hours in duration.

- Filtered Water 
- Honey Royal Jelly (240mg) 
- Citric acid 
- Bee propolis (120mg) 
- Wasp extract (100mg) 
- Ascorbic acid

Supplement Facts: 
- Serving size: 1 pack (80ml) 
- Calories: 18 Fat Calories: 
- 0 Total carbohydrates: 5g (2% of daily value)


Vespa created & developed the OFM (Optimized Fat Metabolism) program so athletes could get more value from each pouch of Vespa and consistently obtain the “game-changing” performance and health benefits of getting the body back to its natural state of using “fat as your fuel”.

OFM is an integrated, multi-facetted approach to help the athlete make that fundamental shift back to burning “fat as fuel” for aerobic metabolism, even at higher aerobic levels. Emerging science from the FASTER Study is confirming what VESPA athletes already know; that fat metabolism plays a much larger role than previously thought possible and actually helps make carbohydrate use more powerful and sustainable.

OFM is not a “one size fits all” structured program. Remember, you are an INDIVIDUAL! OFM empowers the athlete with the information, scientific basis, and real world application so each athlete can integrate OFM into their daily life by making achievable changes based upon each athlete’s unique situation. This has developed "Real Results" by "Real People" just like yourself!

OFM is based on biological & evolutionary scientific principles and physiology, not upon today’s media driven “sound-bite” science. Many aspects of OFM are initially counter-intuitive and contradict the simplistic “group-think” mentality regarding fat , health and performance, yet deliver real world results for athletes of all ages and abilities across sports. OFM is an outgrowth of VESPA’s commitment to our customers.

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