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Hot Yoga Towel (72"x24") - Microfiber Bikram Towel

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Color: 72"x24"


  • Measuring 72" x 24", double as lightweight yoga mats that are compact and perfect on-the-go.
  • To enhance the slip-resistant qualities of the fabric, spray with water to dampen before use.
  • Help to reduce the risk of harmful bacteria spreading to your skin.
  • Made of 100% microfiber sanitary material, soft, super absorbant, fast-drying and machine washable.
  • Ideal for Hot Yoga, Bikram and Power Yoga practitioners.

Publisher: Reehut



It's Time to Work Up a Sweat!

From yoga and Pilates to cardio and weight training, your time in the gym can get a little
sweaty. While this is your body's way of keeping you cool, excess sweat can become
uncomfortable and even dangerous if it causes you to slip on your mat.

Enjoy a safe, hygienic workout with the Hot Yoga Towel from Reehut! Ultra-soft and highly
absorbent, it's a must-have for corepower, kundalini, ashtanga, Pilates and meditation. But
what makes this towel truly unique is the fact that you can also use it as a yoga mat!
Lightweight and compact, it's perfect for use outdoors, at the studio or in the comfort of
your own home.

Measuring 72" x 24" it completely covers your yoga mat, creating a hygienic layer that
reduces the risk of harmful bacteria spreading to your skin! Its anti-slip design offers a safe,
comfortable surface for performing stretches and poses. When the workout is over, just
throw it in the washing machine for a quick clean and tumble dry on low.

With a popular line of yoga accessories, the team at Reehut knows a thing or two about
premium fitness products! Our yoga towels are crafted from 100% microfiber for luxurious
quality. With 5 colors to choose from, they add a pop of style to any workout.

Why Choose Our Yoga Towels?

- Can be used as a towel or mat
- Sanitary and easy to clean
- Compact and portable
- Available in 5 colors
- Made of 100% microfiber material

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