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PET CARE Sciences Dog Pain Relief Supplement : Helps Aches And Pains For Dogs : Natural Fish Oil : MIUSA : Soft Chew Dog Treats

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Brand: PET CARE Sciences


  • HIGHEST QUALITY FORMULA. Helps relieve mild aches and pains associated with old age and/or normal daily activities.
  • NATURALLY DERIVED: Made from natural sources, beware of synthetic imitations!
  • EASY TO USE: Soft chews to appeal to your dog, can be given as a treat.
  • CONTAINS: Fish Oil, Cats Claw Root Extract, Willow Bark Extract, Canine
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA OUR CUSTOMERS ALSO SEARCHED FOR : Painful cats oil english white for dogs powder essential oil bark now extract now aspirin tablets extract capsules liquid vitamin spray pills root extract cream now capsules cat's

Publisher: PET CARE Sciences


Proudly manufactured in the USA, Pain Management for Dogs from PET CARE Sciences is a naturally derived formula that you can take great confidence in.

There are few things as exasperating for a dog owner as knowing their dog is in pain, so relieving your dog's discomfort becomes a priority. Aches and pains are some of the most frustrating health issues for dogs which can negatively influence quality of life for both dog and owner.

Providing your dog with this advanced quality supplement will help with relieving mild aches and pains associated with old age and/or normal daily activities, hence positively influencing their overall wellbeing. It can also act as a natural anti-inflammatory.

Fish Oil: Omega-3 essential fatty acids help boosts the immune system & reduce inflammation in the blood & tissues. Useful in the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism & similar conditions. Can reduce the need for large dosages of NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).

Cat’s Claw: An antiviral herb that boosts the immune system and fights infection. Also has anti-inflammatory, antimutagenic & antioxidant properties.

Willow Bark: Rich blend of antioxidants and organic compounds, functions as a very successful analgesia. A natural pain reliever which has anti-inflammatory properties, can also stimulate new cell formation. Presence of tannins can help soothe the stomach & prevent gastrointestinal distress during other illnesses or periods of a weakened immune system.

An effective formula from a reputable brand. PET CARE Sciences: Your Pets, Our Science.