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Natural Tea Tree Oil Mint Toothpaste(3pk)- 6.25 oz

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Brand: Desert Essence


  • Made with natural ingredients - desert essence only uses the finest ingredients to help you have the best "Clean-mouth feeling" that you can have! Our toothpaste contains no gluten, floride, or harsh abrasives.
  • Tastes great - desert essence toothpaste is one of the most popular toothpaste products on the market today. One of the reasons for that is the great taste!
  • Is great for you - desert essence toothpaste is also great for you as well! It does not contain all of the uneccessary chemicals and ingredients with names you cannot pronounce that you might find in other brands..
  • Contains tea tree oil - tea tree oil is an ingredient that is known to discourage the growth of bad bacteria associated with bad breath. It can also help you combat common issues related to a less-than healthy mouth.

Publisher: Everready First Aid

Release Date: 2015-12-10

Details:   Whiten and brighten your teeth with a whiff of fresh breath when using this Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Whitening Plus Toothpaste offered in a refreshing, cool minty flavor. This advanced teeth whitening toothpaste is packed with powerful natural ingredients that work gently on your teeth to offer best daily oral care. It contains antiseptic Australian tea tree oil and Wintergreen essential oil for fresh breath and a powerful combination of bamboo stem fiber and baking soda that help fight stains caused due to consumption of stain-causing foods and drinks, like coffee, tea, and wine. The presence of sea salt and zinc citrate help reduce plaque buildup on and around your teeth. this fluoride free toothpaste is fit for home and family use. It is 100% vegan and gluten-free.  

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EAN: 0885411915255