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Natural Liver Support for Dogs - Organic Milk Thistle for Dogs - Liver Support Supplement Vitamins, 2 oz

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Brand: OmegaPet


  • THE BEST DOG LIVER SUPPLEMENT: Pet parents who refuse to give their fur babies pet meds that are full of toxic chemicals turn to our pet supplement drops. LiverProtect is a natural pet remedy you can trust!
  • NATURAL LIVER SUPPORT DROPS: Unlike typical liver vitamins for dogs & cats, ours contain only plant-based ingredients from herbs. Milk Thistle Seed, Schisandra Berry, Calendula Flower, Reishi Mushroom, Usnea Lichen
  • HONEST HERBAL EXTRACTS: This liquid liver supplement for pets has been blended with only the highest quality extracts. Our liver support drops include absolutely NO additives, preservatives or sugars. It's also gluten-free!
  • EASY TO USE LIVER SUPPORT LIQUID: We recommended dropping the liver support liquid in your pet's water bowl or on top of wet/dry food. You can also use our cat & dog supplement liquid to make yummy liver treats!
  • SAFE LIVER FORMULA FOR ALL PETS: Since it's made out of pure herbs, our homeopathic liver support supplement is safe for canines, felines, horses, rabbits & more. It's the all purpose liver detoxifier & regenerator every pet owner needs.

Legal Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information on this page is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care.

Publisher: OmegaPet

Details: Our liver support supplement liquid makes it easier than ever before imaginable to care for the vital organs of
your fur baby. Whether you own a cat, a dog or even a bunny rabbit, a bottle of our liver support drops is a must!

🐱 Protects & Strengthens the Liver (The Most Important Organ for Detoxification, Health, Wellness)
The liver is responsible for naturally purging toxins that cause the immune system to weaken. Designed to
fortify the liver, this feline & canine liver support liquid helps keep your pets happy & healthy all year round.

🐾 BEST QUALITY All Natural Liver Support Supplement for Canines, Felines & Other Animals
Your pet deserves the finest ... & our liver supplement for dogs & cats is the smartest choice. While the average
cat & dog health care products are mixed with fillers, our liver vitamins contain NO additives or preservatives.

🐶 RELIABLE Liver & Organ Defender - Give Daily/As Needed Powerful Immune Strengthener
The advanced formula of our liver support vitamin rebuilds functions of the immune system by nourishing &
detoxifying the most vital organ in the body. A stronger immune system means a happier, healthier cat or dog!

🐾 EASY DISPENSE Dropper Bottle for Mess-Free Administering - Quick, Simple, No-Hassle Drops
Stop fidgeting around with capsules, pills & powders. In liquid form & packaged in an amber glass bottle for
protection, our pure liver support drops are easy to administer to your pet. Put drops on wet/dry food or in water.

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: 1.23 mL (24 drops) for pets weighing 8-35 lbs, increase for larger pets accordingly

A stronger, repaired liver is key to a long life. Make sure your pet is well nourished with proper liver balance.

Liver health is important. Click 'ADD TO CART' to order a bottle of our herbal liver support with milk thistle!

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