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Immune Enhancer - CRANBERRY CONCENTRATED EXTRACT 252Mg 50: 1 - Naturvet cranberry relief - 3 Bottles 180 Softgels

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Brand: NaturVet


Details: Immune enhancer - cranberry concentrated extract 252mg 50: 1 - naturvet cranberry relief - 3 bottles 180 softgels

cranberry concentrated extract 252mg 50: 1 - urinary tract health: promotes urinary tract health. Cranberries have been used as a natural helper for bacterial urinary tract concerns, which cause frequent and painful urination. Multiple studies suggest that cranberries acidify the urine, thus fighting off the bacteria causing this type of health concerns. Various researchers concluded that something specific to the cranberry actually make it difficult for bacteria to adhere to the lining of the bladder and attach to cells in the urinary tract.

cranberry concentrated extract 252mg 50: 1 - antioxidant: cranberries are a native plant of north america and are a healthy source of antioxidants, salicylic acid and vitamin c that support healthy aging cardiovascular and urinary tract health. It may also be beneficial for dental health. Cranberries are also cholesterol free, fat free and low in sodium, and help maintain a healthy heart.

cranberry concentrated extract 252mg 50: 1 - healthy heart: may promote a healthy heart as well as cardiovascular system. Specifically, thepounds in the cranberries have the ability to limit the oxidation of bad cholesterol and improve blood flow. This means a lot to your heart health as well as your overall condition. Besides, our product is a rich source of calcium, which is beneficial for bones and teeth.