Formosa Assam

Formosa Assam
Formosa Assam
Formosa Assam

Formosa Assam

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"This tea is a real winner in my book!" - Sororitea Sisters

This is a Highest Quality delicious Assam Black Tea grown in the amazing mountainous climate of Central Taiwan. Interestingly, it was first planted by Japanese colonists pre-WWII with mother plants from Burma.

Bold enough for breakfast, it will stand up to milk if you prefer.  Smooth and delightful enough for all-day economical luxury.  These leaves can be re-steeped many times!

We're thrilled to have this delicious Black Tea from Mrs. Lee and her husband, a wonderful and hospitable couple. In our opinion, they grow the best tea in the region - without chemicals the natural way. 


Flavors: Malt, Fruit, Earth and Molasses. 

Note: This tea was featured as part of our Kickstarter campaign as "Farmer Lee's Black Tea from Sun-Moon Lake" but this is the same tea

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+Important Information

Varietal: Assam

Location: Sun-Moon Lake, Central Taiwan

Elevation: 800M

Harvest: Summer 2017

Brewing: One heaping teaspoon of Formosa Assam, 8 oz. of boiling hot water, Steep for 4-5 minutes.


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Important Information

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