Boston Fern, 4"

Boston Fern, 4" Plant Garden Goods Direct
Boston Fern, 4" Plant Garden Goods Direct
Boston Fern, 4" Plant Garden Goods Direct
Boston Fern, 4" Plant Garden Goods Direct

Boston Fern, 4"

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Brand: Garden Goods Direct

Color: Green

Publisher: Garden Goods Direct


Details: Boston Fern
Boston Fern
Boston Fern finds its way into hanging baskets and mixed annual containers for the summer because of its easy going, full nature. The lush, full foliage fills any container with solid green color. This fern looks beautiful in hanging baskets or mixed containers because it goes well with any color of foliage or any color flower, and brings a lot of personality to shady spots. Luckily, Asparagus Fern can also handle dappled shade, and indoors it just needs some light from a windowsill and some humidity.

+Important Information
Growing Zone:        9-11
USDA Hardiness Zone 10 - 11
Mature Height:       12" - 18"
Mature Width:         18" - 36"
Classification:         Green Foliage
Sunlight:                   Bright, indirect light to mostly shade
Habit:                        Cascading, dense
Flower Color:          Does not flower
Foliage:                     Green, flat fronds
Soil Condition:        Must retain moisture
Water Require:       Does not like to dry out between watering
Uses:                          Excellent individually or in a container or hanging basket, inside or out
Does Not Ship To: CA, WA, OR, AZ
Boston Fern is a classic houseplant or hanging basket for summer outdoors. It doesn't require much light, and handles even the shadiest spots outdoors. Boston Ferns require consistent moisture, and can not handle going completely dry. They also like


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Important Information

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