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Designer 725 Blender with Wild Side and Twister Jar, Gunmetal


Brand: Blendtec

Color: Gunmetal


  • 3.8 peak horsepower motor, 15 amps, 120 volts
  • Illuminated, capacitive touch interface and the illuminated display indicates remaining blend time
  • Six preprogrammed cycles: Smoothie, Salsa, Ice Cream, Whole Juice, Hot Soup, Clean. Plus 100-speed capacitive touch slider + pulse and an "Add 10" feature
  • Includes Wild Side+ Jar - Ideal for larger blends, high-volume recipes, bread dough, smoothies, dips & batters
  • Include Twister Jar and Spectacular spatula - ideal for bread and cookie crumbs, nut butters, hummus, baby food, single-serve smoothies

Publisher: Blendtec

Release Date: 2016-01-01

Warranty: 8 year warranty


Details: The Blendtec Designer 725 boasts the most advanced blending technology ever seen. Smart Blend technology, multi-speed pulse, a 100-speed touch slider and a sleek, show-stopping design make the Designer 725 the star of any kitchen. The Blendtec Designer 725 is truly the blender with a brain. Our exclusive Smart Blend technology senses and identifies potential problems that could interfere with the perfect blend-including loading errors, overheating, or air pockets - and then tells users how to fix them. Get seamless precision speed control for 100 speeds with the slide of a finger. It even tells you which speed to use for stirring, chopping, mixing, blending, or pureeing. Use Multi-Speed Pulse for an added burst of power at any speed. Six preprogrammed custom cycles enable one-touch blending perfection: Smoothie, Salsa, Ice Cream, Whole Juice, Hot Soup and Clean. The Designer 725 even suggests additional uses for each cycle so you know how to get the most from your blender. During any blend cycle, easily add 10 seconds with a single tap to the blend cycle icon you are currently using. So you can achieve just the consistency you're looking for.

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UPC: 849369006588

EAN: 0849369006588