Acerola Puree

Sold by Ama Fruits

Acerola Puree
Acerola Puree
Acerola Puree
Acerola Puree
Acerola Puree
Acerola Puree

Acerola Puree

Sold by Ama Fruits

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100% unadulterated, acerola puree. Boost your immune system by including this naturally low in sugar and highly nutritious fruit puree in your juices and smoothies!
  • 100% Acerola pulped and freshly frozen from Brazil
  • Superior source of vitamin C with 1500% RDA per serving. 
  • Non GMO Project Verified, no added sugar, gluten free, vegan, kosher
  • No additives or preservatives.
  • Great for making acerola juice or adding to a smoothie


For natural immune system support, experts often advise keeping your vitamin C levels high. What better way to boost your vitamin C levels naturally than with Acerola, a fruit recognized for having some of the highest amounts of Vitamin C in any natural fruit. Acerola is also an excellent source of Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3 and B9.

Incorporating acerola into your diet aids speedy recovery from exercise due to it providing your body with amino acids, important trace minerals and electrolytes that are essential to proper immune system, muscle function and hydration. Acerola naturally has very low sugar levels so it won’t cause any spikes in blood sugar levels.

Amafruits Pure Acerola Purees come in convenient frozen packs because it is the best way to guarantee that the full nutrition, natural characteristics and flavor of the acerola cherries are retained. They are easy-to-use and perfect for making acerola smoothies, acerola fruit bowls, acerola juices, exotic cocktails and much more. Amafruits Acerola Purees are gluten free, Non-GMO Project verified, and flash pasteurized in order to ensure the safest product available for consumption.

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A: Yes, it is flash pasteurized. By U.S. law, all imported fruit purees must be pasteurized or undergo a similar process.

A: No. There are no added sugars or sweeteners in any of our products.

A: Amafruits ensures that all of our acerola cherries are carefully selected from small, family farmers in the Amazon regions of Brazil, then immediately pulped and flash frozen, so you can be guaranteed the same freshness and rich nutritional benefits as you would get in the Amazon.


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