Wild Fish Oil

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Wild Fish Oil Supplement Wild Foods
Wild Fish Oil Supplement Wild Foods
Wild Fish Oil Supplement Wild Foods

Wild Fish Oil

Sold by Wild Foods

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Brand: Wild Foods


  • Exceptional Purity and Guaranteed Omega-3 Content. Wild Fish Oil undergoes molecular distillation resulting in a concentrated omega-3 triglyceride form of EPA, DHA and DPA and carries the following certifications: ISO, FOS, SFSF, SQF and IFFO.
  • One of the best-tasting fish oils on the market and one of the only in the world Certified by Friends of the Sea! Wild Fish Oil does not disrupt fragile aquatic ecosystems. Caught in U.S. Waters and processed in U.S. Fisheries. Support fishermen that respect the fish that give us their wonderful oil.
  • Safe For all Ages and Effective for Optimizing Health, Wild Fish Oil is a Fast Digesting All Natural Liquid is made from 100% natural ingredients and sustainable wild caught menhaden fish. Burp-less and non-fishy flavor and smooth texture. You can take it by the TSP or add to your smoothies and shakes.
  • One 16 oz BPA Free Bottle contains 94 TSP servings! Take a serving 1-3 times a day for improved health and well-being. Per Serving Omega-3 Breakdown (1x 14g serving): EPA 1512mg, DPA - 294mg, DHA - 1330mg
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Publisher: Wild Foods


Details: A awesome tasting, potent and sustainable fish oil caught off U.S. Waters and Processed in U.S. Fisheries!

Wild Fish Oil is one of the only fish oils in the world certified by Friends of The Sea! (This is not an easy certification to secure, which is why most fish oil companies don't even try because they know their sourcing methods would never qualify.)

Not only will you taste and feel the difference that sustainable, clean processed menhaden oil provides, you'll also feel great knowing you aren't contributing to overfishing while also supporting fisherman that respect our fragile aquatic ecosystem

Wild Fish Oil is a mild, non-fishy smelling and tasting, burp-less mix of omega-3s in the form of EPA, DHA, and a rarer, not found in typical fish oils, DPA. (Many fish oils contain no DPA.)

How do I use Wild Fish Oil?

You can add fish oil to your smoothies and protein shakes or you can take it straight with a teaspoon. One 16oz bottle contains over 94 TSP (1000mg) servings.

What are the ingredients?

INGREDIENTS: Molecularly Distilled OmegaActiv Fish Oil, Lemon Flavor (Natural), Rosemary Extract, Vanilla Flavor (Natural)

What are the benefits?

Every batch of Wild Fish Oil is tested and verified for heavy metals and toxins. Each serving contains a minimum of 1000mg of total omega-3s to as much as 1350mg per serving.

Per Serving Omega-3 Breakdown (1x 14g serving): EPA 1512mg, DPA - 294mg, DHA - 1330mg

Wild Fish Oil exceeds the Wild Foods standard for catching, processing, manufacturing and environmental footprint.

Is Wild Fish Oil Guaranteed?

All Wild Foods products are backed by the 100% Wild Guarantee if you aren't happy for any reason!

Our NO-RISK Wild guarantee lets you buy with confidence. Support small producers while getting the best for your body and health... get the Wild Edge Today!

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