Chaga Mushroom Extract

Sold by Wild Foods

Chaga Mushroom Extract Supplement Wild Foods
Chaga Mushroom Extract Supplement Wild Foods
Chaga Mushroom Extract Supplement Wild Foods

Chaga Mushroom Extract

Sold by Wild Foods

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  • ANTIOXIDANT POWERHOUSE: Chaga mushrooms have one of the highest ORAC sources of any food on the planet. This makes Chaga a champion at scavenging free-radicals and preventing oxidative damage. Chaga can improve physical endurance, protect against ailments, suppress inflammation, stimulate immune function, and protect the gut.
  • POTENT ADAPTOGEN HERB: Favored as an adaptogenic herb used in modern society. Adaptogens are substances that promote bodily resistance to stressors and increase recovery time to life's natural challenges. Adapotens support the body to positively respond to depleted energy levels, hormonal imbalances, increased inflammation and similar stresses.
  • SMALL FARMERS: Wild Chaga is Non-GMO, Grain-Free, Caffeine-Free, 100% Natural, Hand-Harvested in the Wild, Small-Batch, Fruiting Body Only.
  • MULTITUDE OF USES: Mushroom powder is extremely versatile and can be added to coffee, tea, smoothies, shakes, soups, raw chocolate, and more. Add 2g (½ tsp) to each serving and enjoy!
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Publisher: Wild Foods


Chaga mushroom is a unique superfood ingredient that has been used by Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

Known to promote relaxation, it's also potent for increasing concentration and reducing stress and anxiety.

Wild Shrooms are a 10:1 concentration extract processed from mushrooms cultivated on hardwood trees.

How to use: Mix 1/2 TSP in warm water, tea, coffee, smoothies or shakes. You can also use this powder to make your own capsules.

Ingredients: Chaga Mushroom Powder extract

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