Nail Foot Care Brush - (Soft)

Sold by FootMate®

Nail Foot Care Brush - (Soft) Beauty & Health FootMate®

Nail Foot Care Brush - (Soft)

Sold by FootMate®

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A nail cleaner that is a 2-1/2" long & 1-7/16" wide.
This brush has soft bristles (5/8" long) to clean and polish your nails.

  • Good for cleaning and polishing your fingernails and toenails.
  • Removes dirt in the hard to reach areas underneath your nails.
  • Perfect size for traveling


Nail & Foot Care Brush (Soft)
1. 2-1/2” long & 1-7/16” wide
2. Soft bristles
3. Good for cleaning and polishing your fingers and toenails
4. Perfect size for traveling!


The product is great for the elderly, anyone with back problems, pregnant women, athletes, people that have trouble bending or seeing their feet while showering or bathing, or anyone wanting a soothing, stimulating way to clean and massage their feet in the shower. It’s also a powerful and valuable tool for diabetic foot care.

Diabetics are more vulnerable to foot problems because diabetes can damage nerves and reduce blood flow to the feet. The American Diabetes Association estimates that one in five people with diabetes who seek hospital care do so for foot problems. With proper foot care, most serious health problems associated with diabetes can be prevented. Regular use of The FootMate® Foot Transformation System® can help stimulate blood flow to the feet and aid in keeping circulation problems to a minimum.

Foot reflexology is the use of pressure and stimulus on the feet to improve overall health. Foot reflexology does more than just make your feet feel better - it is thought to alleviate many ailments including back pain, stress, and headaches. It may also offer potent foot detox benefits. To get the full benefit, foot reflexology massage should be administered frequently, and The FootMate® System makes this easy, right in your own home!


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